Final Strategic Plan

Final Strategic Plan

Final Strategic Plan

The success of any business venture is seen in its blueprint or strategic plan .Therefore, having expertise or skills of effectively implementing the strategic plan enables the business to stabilize and hence pave its way to the peak of the competition (Bryson, 2010).

This paper will explore the ways in which our strategic plan will be implemented, the potential barriers anticipated and how they will be overcome and finally the market entry strategy and how it will be used to implement the strategic plan.

Every new business venture into the Market is likely to encounter barrier that are likely to prevent its progress. Most of these barriers range from internal to external. Our business is likely to encounter both external and internal barriers. First, it is likely to encounter people barrier. Being a new venture in the market with new technology many personnel are likely not able to fully be productive.

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The company will embrace the penetration pricing strategy (Kotler, 2009). This is because there is a high competition in the market, and some companies have adopted the low production cost approach. Therefore, the prices will be flexible depending on the economy of the country. For instance, during the low economy, the management will lower the production cost in order to reduce the prices.

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