Film Techniques

Film Techniques

Film Techniques

There has been a sufficient debate in the history of film on the way the human mind is able to interpret many flickering images per second into a narrative almost unclear from reality. Since film displays an amazing match to reality, it is the understanding and interpretation that comes from the differences reality and film that lead people to perceive the film as reality. This paper focuses on film techniques by using Birth of a Nation by D.W Griffith as an example and how he used these techniques in motion picture and will then identify three films that use one the techniques.

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Next, after this introduction, the camera moves ahead with several close-ups of both the spectators and musicians. Hark, at the end of the series shows the viewers the whole room in a bitter shot. This reestablishing shot (final shot) shows the viewers once again the spatial relationships introduced with the establishing shots.

There are various similarities in the composition style and the details of the plot elements in the films above. Therefore, the birth of a Nation is the basis of many novel film techniques; Battleship Potemkin illustrates better the full meaning by the collision of ideas in the montage.

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