Film Review;The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker is a movie worth the time and money of any individual. The title of the movie piques the interest of the viewer and a person desires to watch the movie and find out about the “miracle worker”. The title of the movie is befitting since the movie shows how a teacher goes against the odds and believes in herself and her student, Helen Keller. The movie is captivating, and the viewer finds himself investing his or her emotions in the characters in the movie. In the movie, the protagonist changes the perspective of the viewer concerning the other characters and their actions.

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In conclusion, The Miracle Worker film presents various qualities that every individual in life should seek to pursue. Qualities such as patience, confidence, determination, and perseverance are presented in the movie. For example, Helen’s mother remarks that she is prepared to have her heart broken any number of times, and this shows her patience and undying hope for Helen’s recovery.

The miracle worker [Motion picture]. (1962). MGM-Pathe Communications Co.

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