Fighting terrorism

Fighting terrorism

Fighting terrorism.

Fighting terrorism: Terrorism refers to violent acts that are perpetrated to create fear out of religious, ideological and political motives and are deliberately meant to target the civilians.

Terrorism concept may also be used by state authorities or people who have state support to cause political unrest that is aimed to destabilize political opponents (Corum, 2007).

Countries have been force to adopt counterterrorism measures or strategies to respond to the activities of the terrorists and protect their citizens. This paper will review the strategy adopted by the United States in fighting terrorism and compare it with the strategies of other nations, the paper will conclude by determining which strategy is best.

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and confronting the ideologies that lead other people to join the radical terrorists groups. Since then, America has made good progress in destabilizing the Al-Qaida network. Killed or captured the key leaders and disrupted their support lines.

Further, the strategy by the U.S has promoted freedom and human liberty that comes along with protected democratic institutions (Peleg & Kempf, 2007).

This paper supports the U.S strategy in the war against terror due to its proactive nature in preventing attacks. Even though some o the measures are inhuman, they go a long way in protecting the lives of innocent civilians. Which are target by the terrorists. Nations that support the notion of human rights. Should also consider that terrorists do not support the notion of human rights when they plan their attacks.


Corum, J. (2007). Fighting the War on Terror: A Counterinsurgency Strategy. New York: Zenith Imprint.

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