Field Survey

Field Survey

Field Survey

This field survey research paper will look into census tract 15003 (Hawaii, HI). A field survey can be described as the collection and gathering of information at the local level through conducting primary studies. They are an essential geographic inquiry component.

It is also a fundamental process for understanding the earth as the humankind home. It is done through sketching, observation, measurement, interviews, etc. As earlier mentioned, the paper’s focus is census tract 15003, HI. Census tract 15003 is the 50th USA state. Situated near the North Pacific Ocean’s Center, Hawaii marks the northeast Polynesia’s corner. It is also located about 3,900 km west-southwest of San Francisco. Despite the fact that it was formerly the princible sugar, pineapple, and whaling industries’ hub, it nowadays economically dependents on the U.S. military and tourism.

The islands’ natural beauty continues to be among the greatest assets of Census tract 15003. The total area of the 132 Islands of Hawaii is 16,758 sq. km, including16, 641 sq. km of land and just 117 sq. km of inland water. This island chain extends over 2,293 km e-w and 2,536 km n-s. Hawaii (also called the “Big Island”) is the largest island, and it extends 122 km e-w and 150 km n-s. Named “the Gathering Place,” Oahu is the most developed and populous island of Hawaii. Oahu’s southern shore homes the Honolulu city, which the largest city and the state capital.

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The community comprises of several ethnic groups which speak a number of different languages. Tourism is the main employer in this census tract even though agriculture is also doing very well. In 2006, the rate was 4.6% for unemployment, and the mandated minimum wage was $6.75 per hour, which increased to $7.25 per hour the following year. Housing is relatively sustainable, and education level has developed rapidly over the years.

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