Feminism in Modern Society

Feminism in Modern Society

Feminism in Modern Society

One of the components of the UN charter on human rights is the fact that both men and women are of equal stature and that nobody should be subjected to discrimination based on gender.

To this effect, agencies such as UN Women that work towards eliminating discrimination hinged on gender along with several non-governmental organizations have been established.

In spite of the fact that several stakeholders work towards the achievement of an equal world, the female gender has been denied the chance to self-determination on several occasions.

In some parts of the world, females, notably women are not accorded equal rights when it comes to property and inheritance compared to their male counterparts.

Of greater value is the event that some nations prohibit women from testifying in courts and such actions interfere with the rule of law. This essay seeks to shed more light on the practice of feminism, with special emphasis on the modern society.

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Overtime, there have been frequent debates on males being regarded as a superior gender to females. Feminism therefore refers to the practice of agitating for fair recognition of both genders, in view of the fact that the males have normally been regarded as superior to the females (Mackie, 2003).

Though we can think that the event of achieving g an equal society for all is an easy task, feminism too has some complications associated with it.

For starters, many of those who believe in the feminist theory and fight for equal rights between both genders have always been at fault for trying to eradicate the policies and structures that ensure equity between the two genders.

Feminism is good for us as a society; it lies at the forefront of the fight for equality thereby making us keep our eyes on the goal. In as much as we are fighting for an equal society, we should not have formed opinion, because it is through such that we shall harmonize the society and make it supportive for both genders.

Cheref, A. (2010). Gender and identity in North Africa: Post colonialism and feminism in Maghrebi women’s literature. London: Tauris Academic Studies.

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