Feminism:Charlotte Perkins Gilman uses a short story ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ to express her views on feminism and individuality. The story depicts the control husbands have over their wives and doctors over their patients. The narrator is confined in a room, and she is not allowed to pursue her dreams. The society had confined women by giving them a second class position. However, She shows that women can liberate themselves by following their dreams. The story depicts the struggles that a woman had to undergo before gaining her freedom. Some women had accepted their position in the community and undermined efforts of other women who wanted to gain their freedom but Gilman was a feminist and she continued fighting for equality.

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The main role played by women is that of wives, and they were not allowed to take up important roles in the society. The opinion of a woman was disregarded, and men controlled women. Lack of confidence to express their opinions worsens the situation. Therefore, to free themselves women must deal with their fears first, and gain their confidence. It encourages women to embrace individualism if they want to succeed in a male-centric world. The story encourages woman to overcome oppression and fight for equal opportunities in the society.

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