Federal Criminal Conspiracy

Federal Criminal Conspiracy

Federal Criminal Conspiracy

Criminal conspiracy law focuses on the individuals who have the goal and intention to commit atrocities against the U.S or defraud the government. The law describes conspiracy as when there is an understanding between two or more parties with the aim of achieving a criminal goal. The parties must have information on conspiracy and willing fully participates. A criminal conspiracy has been identified to cause more harm to the society compared to a crime committed by one person (Sigler, 2009). In a conspiracy, the parties combine their efforts, and the secrecy characterizes conspiracy makes it difficult for the government to detect the crime in good time.

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Conspirators are held liable for any foreseeable overt acts committed by co conspirator under the vicarious liability.  The prosecutor decides on whether to combine the conspirators’ cases or try them separately. The nature of conspiracy cases call for a joiner instead of severance (Sigler, 2009). In the past, when co conspirator was acquitted the other parties were also acquitted but today the law has been reviewed allowing the court to prosecute conspirators even after some are acquitted as long as there is substantial evidence.

Sigler, H. (2009). Ferderal Criminal Cospiracy. American Criminal Law Review , 1-90.

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