Fast and Furious Operation

Fast and Furious Operation

Fast and Furious Operation.

Fast and Furious Operation was launched by top Department of Justice (DOJ) officials in 2009, this was in collaboration with the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI), and the Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Firearms (ATF).

This was part of a strategy aime at identifying and eliminating all the arms trafficking networks. ATF agents wanted to track the guns to the powerful drug cartels in Mexico instead of arraigning the individual purchasers who purchase guns on their behalf (Pavlich 24).

Democrats often argue out, that the “gun-walking” scheme was start by President Bush government in 2006. But its clear that Fast and Furious has been the largest gun-walking task the DOJ has ever carried out.

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documents after the congress letter from after Feb. 4, 2011. Currently Issa explains that the House Oversight Committee needs the documents in order to comprehend the knowledge the Department had concerning Fast and Furious, as well as when and how it was discovered that its February 4 letter was a false one, as well as their efforts to cover that info from public and Congress.

Now Obama’s executive privilege is protecting those documents from the Congressional subpoena, implying that the DOJ doesn’t have to offer the documents to Issa. This argument is based on facts that prove that they are not related to Operation Fast and Furious but on DOJs response to media and congressional inquiries.

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