Fashion as material culture

Fashion as material culture

Fashion as material culture

Fashion as material culture:Material culture field analyzes the linkage between human and their possessed things, the creation, history, maintenance, and understanding of objects (Appadurai, 2014). It is inspired and relates the practices from disciplines like history, art history, historic preservation, anthropology, museum studies and archaeology, among others. Material culture entails jewelry, buildings or any other things. Increased mass consumption is followed by a spread in those objects and practices, meanings, and needs multiplication, linked with these perceived things (Preucel & Mrozowski, 2011).

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In a nutshell, material culture including fashion, as discussed in the paper, is always in a constant life cycle and holds more significance apart from the aesthetic value. Comprehending the human-ascribed importance of a commodity, the commodity pathways must be carefully analyzed in the entire life cycle of the object and its trajectory. Therefore, material commodities are not just things, but, more of that in the stage of their life.

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