Fascism in the United States of America

Fascism in the United States of America

Fascism in the United States of America

Fascism is an ideological movement whose followers are intolerant towards those who belong to other parties, races, religions, cultures, classes and regions. The followers are referred to as fascists and characterized by violence or deceit for the purpose of attaining their ends. The supreme god of a fascist can be power, money, or even an economic group. The perfect kind of fascist throughout modern centuries is consider to be the Prussian Junker.

He is known for developing intensified hatred towards other races, and he was willing to use any kind of violence and deceit, provided he placed his race and culture across the world. (http://newdeal.feri.org/wallace/haw23.htm). Thus, the paper seeks to consider the possibilities of the rise of fascism and if it was to rise, who will be more vulnerable to accepting fascists’ appeals.

The Rise of Fascism

There are higher chances of people becoming fascists in the United States of America. It is an ideological movement that is likely to attract a large number of Americans in the near future. The truth is, in the United States; no one loves everybody. Just like Wallace puts it, all Americans are fascists at heart. Then, they can be equate to a time bomb that can explode anytime. If being a fascist was something tangible, then it could have been proven long ago how Americans are prone to becoming fascists.

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In conclusion, the evils include; bigotry, intolerance and pretense. Malice towards others, regardless of religion, race or political affiliation, must be avoided at all costs. All Americans should work together in order to make social, economic and political democracy a reality that can be enjoyed by all.

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