Farmer’s discussion

Farmers discussion

Farmer’s discussion

There is a gap between rhetoric and practice in terms of what practitioners in the health and medical field advocate for, and what is actually in execution. The poor are not given as much attention as should be accorded to them when they experience ill health. It would be most practitioners’ expectations that they would be accorded good treatment that they need through the efforts of the professionals in the medical field.

Health practitioners in the medical field are aware of the plight of the poor but do not give as much advocacy to them as they should (Farmer 2005: 167).

According to Farmer (2005: 196), the poor only seem to be a focus of health practitioners. This is when they are in the classification of immigrants or as those that can be in use as subjects of experiments in science. The rubric classification of individuals as having their human rights in consideration seems to be the only way that the poor get  attention in regards to their health.

The treatment of different individuals depending on their social status and class in the society is a factor. We consider it in the classification of ethics in the medical field. Farmer makes a contrast of his experiences and the differences in execution of work that is in expectation between extremes of his work.

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In conclusion, medical ethics has no specific guidelines in the manner in which individuals from different disparities receive treatment. Therefore, the disparity between individuals from different backgrounds in medical treatment is worrying. It is wanting of the need for specific guidelines and policies throughout the world.

Farmer, P (2005). Pathologies of Power: Health, human rights, and the new war on the poor.
Berkeley: University of California Press.

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