Fanzine is a nonofficial and a nonprofessional publication produced by fans of particular cultural concept for the purpose sharing their interest.  Fanzines contributors such as editors, publishers, editors and illustration are done for free without financial compensation including the circulation. In most cases, fanzine are offered in the exchange for similar publications including art, letters and articles.  Arguably, fanzines evolved into professional publications, where professional writer were first to publish and continue to publish them after establishing professional reputation.

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Most of the punk zines were printed in small quantities  and promoted local scene and played a crucial role in promoting punk music. Thirdly, sports fanzines supplement, complement and oppose club official magazines, most  the premier league and the football league football clubs (Lawson). In the US, the use of sports fanzines are low but are commonly used in Boston.  There are other genres of fanzines genre including video gaming, local music, science among others.

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