Family Violence and Abuse

Family or domestic violence is, regrettably, a common type of violence impacting the life of the victims and the growth prospects of nations. It has been approximated that about 6 million children tend to suffer abuse and over 80,000 die every year because of this violence. There are over three million accounts of child abuse nationwide every year. By an estimate, about five children happen to die from such type of neglect or abuse daily.

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The community, the firms, churches, and individuals must be involved. If they happen to be unwilling to get involved, that abuse will continue. When it continues, it usually gets worse and the children will suffer permanent emotional or physical injury. The abusing caregiver or parent might go to jail or the family might break up; however, neither of this should be allowed to happen (Dubowitz, 2010). The child has to be able to grow and live in a nurturing surrounding.

Dubowitz, H., & Merrick, J. (2010). International aspects of child abuse and neglect. New York: Nova Science Publishers.

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