Family Violence and Abuse

It could be extremely difficult to discuss sexual abuse and more difficult to admit that sexual abuse of kids of all ages including the infants occurs daily. Child sexual abuse happens to be the involvement of children in sexual activity that they do not entirely comprehend, is incapable of giving informed agreement to, or for which the kid is not developmentally ready and cannot agree to it, or that ends up violating the social taboos or laws of society (Jones, 2013).

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Majority of the offenders are usually charged with crimes like statutory rape that comprise nonforcible sexual activities with victims that are extremely young to approve to sexual intercourse with the adults. Numbers propose that Internet-initiated sex crimes tend to account for a noticeable but minor proportion of all the statutory rape offenses and also a relatively low sexual offense number committed against the minors overall.

Jones, A. (2013). Understanding child sexual abuse: Perspectives from the Caribbean. Hampshire, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

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