Family Violence and Abuse

Marcia Norman, a thirty-nine years old woman and her husband, Mitchel, had been married for twenty-five years and had several children. Since Mitchel did not work, he forced his wife to earn money by prostituting. Unfortunately, despite the fact the fact that he was the cause of the immoral behavior of Marcia, he used to make fun of her before family and friends. He would beat her if she attempted to resisted going to a truck shop and offer her body for money.

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Marcia Norman’s case is a representation of some of the major issues that are entailed in family violence and abuse. Cases of people killing their spouses following years of assault are not unusual. When the defendants are taken to court they appeal to self-defense as an excuse. However, determining whether the actions are justifiable under self-defense is an uphill task. In order for the court to consider justifying the battered woman spousal killing, then the defendant must prove the requirements of self-defense were present.

Byrd, S. B. (1991). Till Death Do as Part: A Comparative Law Approach to Justifying Lethal Self-defense by Battered Women. Duke Journal fo Comparative and International Law, 169-211.

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