Family therapy with children

Family therapy with children

Family therapy with children

Family therapy with children:Family therapy is a form psychotherapy that nurtures development changes in the family system. Family therapy views changes in terms of interactions systems between members of the family. It emphasizes good relationships as an imperative factor in psychological health of family members. In the early years, many scholars defined the family in a narrow traditional manner that included parents and children. The modern society has many definitions of families since it must not be comprised of both parents. As the field continues to evolve, family therapists define the family concept as a strongly supportive and relationships between people who may not be related through blood or marriage. The study of family therapy has been applied in the analysis of human behavior in several disciplines.

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Family therapy among other forms of psychotherapy will take time to be accepted in the society. The United States government should promote education for clinical therapists to produce experienced therapists in the future. The social insurance system should also be favorable so that people can be encouraged to consult the family therapists without financial constraints. This will stabilize the family system and reduce the high rates of divorce. As a result, absent father families would be minimized. Consequently, children would not suffer from situations beyond their control.

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