Family medical leave Act

Family medical leave Act

Family medical leave Act

Also FMLA. It is an act that enables qualified employees to take a leave because of family or medical issues. The leave, however, is unpaid, and the employees have his job protected. The employee will also continue to be under insurance cover without the change of terms and conditions. In other words, even after the worker has taken a leave, it all appears as if there was no leave taken. Eligible employees can get twelve weeks leave in one year for reasons such as; taking care of a newborn child and must be within one year of birth. The employee may also be required to take care of a relative.

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The misinterpretations that exist in the Family Medical Leave Act should be cleared so that it can serve its intended purpose to the employees. A well interpreted leave Act will ensure that there are no confusions and chaos between employers and employees. And whenever there is discrimination or unfairness of any sought in the Medical Leave Act, interest groups should always come out to demand relevant changes.

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