Family Issues: Addiction

Family Issues: Addiction

Family Issues: Addiction.

Family Issues: Addiction: Drugs, tobacco and alcohol have been identified as key contributors to addiction related diseases and mortality, and the use of illicit drugs has increased precipitately in recent years (Moriarty, et al., 2011).

The use of alcohol for recreational purposes has also increased. Further, behavioral addictions such as video gaming, internet addiction, eating disorders and gambling are also on the rise thus creating significant social issues.

Extensive research has documented the social, health and welfare impacts of substance use and abuse, though a growing consensus among this literature is that the greatest impact of addictions is on the family unit.

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family has an important role in convincing and ensuring that the addicted person seeks and accepts treatment. Moreover, it is the role of the family to provide a supportive environment for the addict to foster change.

Furthermore, according to McAvoy. The involvement of the family in the treatment process also encourages better engagement of the addict in treatment. This involvement also helps the family members to also deal with their own symptoms arising from the addiction.

In summary, addictions have widespread negative impacts on the family ranging from feelings of denial, guilt, self-blame, regret, aggression, social isolation, deceitfulness and lying, uncertainty and worry, constant conflicts over money and assets, threatened home and family life. These effects result in dysfunctional family, social and professional relationships as well as impacting individual performance and achievement ion academics and professional goals.


McAvoy, B. (2008). Addiction and addiction medicine: exploring opportunities for the general practitioner. Med J Aus, 189, 115-17.

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