Family Heritage

Family Heritage

Family Heritage.

Family Heritage: America is a county that is primarily described by a western culture. It is a combination of different cultures from all over the continent that migrated to this land and eventually formed one harmonious group.

Regardless of their different cultural origins and differences, they have formed a common culture. The common western culture has formed about ten thousand years ago. The first immigrants were the Asians called Paleo-Indians.

The western culture is influence by cultures such as African, Asian, Native American, Latin American and Polynesian.  Native Americans only constitute 1% of the population. These are people who inherited the land from time in memorial and have no migrated. The African Americans constitute about 14% of the total population of the US.

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people in the US will join and help in building of the nation. The people should share their cultural activities with others, and this will lead to a perfect blend where every citizen will feel represented.

For example, the Italians who have migrated to the US, particularly the Chiappa family, should bring the good characteristics of the family and assist in the development issues. For the country to conquer, all people should learn to accept each other and be ready to assist one another.

The Chiappa family has set a good example in this. They have had good relationships with others. An example is when they developed unique firearms for the United States customers.


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