Family analysis

Family analysis

Family analysis

This paper focuses on analyzing a family unit featuring in one of the movie selected from the provided film list. In particular, the family behaviors, developmental characteristics, and health patterns and practices, among of other family characteristics featuring in the selected movie are analyzed, then compared and contrasted with the concepts, themes, and theories featuring in the class textbook. The film family analysis is backed by class noted and the ideas garnered from the class textbook and other sources, along with being validated by specific examples.

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It gives a clear picture of different aspects associated with family functioning, and how relationships and logistics compare to theoretical models that explain them. These notions have also been the thought of those who praise the film’s production and unimpeachable purposes. Nonetheless, some have criticized the movie on the basis of its narration predictability and inexorable schmaltziness.


Beavers, R., & Hampson, R. B. (2000). The Beavers systems model of family functioning.
Journal of family therapy, 22(2), 128-143.Oxford, UK. Blackwell Publishers. (2001). I Am Sam

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