Extraordinary groups by Richard T Schaefer

Extraordinary groups by Richard T Schaefer

Extraordinary groups by Richard T Schaefer.

Extraordinary groups by Richard T Schaefer: Extraordinary groups define a specific characteristic of people with similar cultural individualities but different and unique practice in comparison to other groups. They exhibit exemplary practices that stand them out from a larger population crowd.

Much documentation has been written to document the evidence of the cultural, social, political and spiritual proof through which a group is characterized to be extraordinary.

According to several chapters of the book, Extraordinary Groups by Richard T. Schaefer, he describes a unique set of groups that tops the most distinctive groups in the world; the Gypsies and the Shakers. Gypsies and the Shakers have stood still to their way of life and accomplished outstanding culture embedment.

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aspects manifest themselves to the mainstream culture. The larger cultures scope the societal feeling of national dynamism. Political, economical and social aspects in a culture portraying its nationalism are centralized. A nation is often identified by the objectivity of culture diversity.

From Robert’s assessment of culture nationalism, the Gypsies and the Shakers are not advocates of culture nationalism since they inhibit in a mainstream society whereby they have take no vitality in expressing their nationalism towards the United States.

Instead, the two groups decided upon maintaining their cultural practices along societal lines. The Gypsies, however, are compelled by the nature of American nationalism to seek gadje characteristics in order to indirectly express the overall culture nationalism celebrated across the U.S cultures.


Naylor, L. L. (1997). Cultural Diversity in the United States. Washington: Greenwood Publishing Group.

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