External Business Environment

External Business Environment

External Business Environment

Segmentation will go a long way in improving the current opportunities. Market segmentation is the procedure of dividing the market into sections of potential clients with the same characteristics and/ or needs who are likely to poses the same purchase behavior. The main aim of this process is to help Qantas to identify business opportunities and develop a competitive edge to optimize those opportunities. Qantar airlines segments its clients based on the following standards.

  • Geographic segmentation: Qantas has divided its clients based on geographies. There are several sections develop for main areas of the globe and managers of each section report to the parent airway. A lot of independence is given to each section to run the activities.
  • Demographics: Qantas airways classify its clients in terms of demographics. Hence, the segmentation is affect by factors such education level, income level, and social class.
  • Service type: Qantas classifies the market based on the type of services offered to costumers. Therefore, the market is segmented into Qantas services and non-Qantas services.



Qantas airlines target distinct costumer segments with distinct ads. In addition, basic market of Qantas transport services is tourists, businesspersons, and people who travel for academic related issues.



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In conclusion, advertising and marketing has been the most essential effort that has taken to new heights. The airways have embraced creative marketing skills from early times. Therefore, apart from newspaper and billboard advertisements, Qantas has focused on institutions and organizations. This has resulted to an increase in sales while still promoting Qantas brand name.

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