Extend the Legal Driving Age from 16 to 20 years!

Extend the Legal Driving Age from 16 to 20 years!

Extend the Legal Driving Age from 16 to 20 years!

Extend the Legal Driving Age from 16 to 20 years!: In her literary work titled Driving to the Funeral, Anna Quindlen advocates for increase in the age by which young people acquire a driver’s license. To cement her argument, Quindlen uses pertinent examples and statistics.

She begins with an account of important high school accomplishments, and then broaches the unfavorable truth that the possibility of losing a high school friend these days is worryingly high. In admission, Quindlen observes that acquiring a driver’s license is an important stage of life.

However, she is clearly not in agreement with the current age at which teenagers acquire a driver’s license (Quindlen 532-3).  Car crashes, she contends, are the main cause of death among teenagers. She does not understand why people will not mitigate the prevalence of teenage death even when they know the cause.

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But the fact that reckless teenage driving has caused disproportionate scores of severe injuries and deaths is a stark reality (Gerdes 65-8). Therefore, arguing that older drivers also cause road accidents is a diversionary tactic, not a genuine argument.

Thousands of teenagers continue to perish in avoidable road accidents simply because, in spite of their obvious recklessness and physical and mental immaturity, they have a driver’s license. The age requirement should be raised to 20 when the kids’ brain section that weighs risks and enhances judgment are satisfactorily grown. If this is done, thousands of young lives will be saved.

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