Exploring personal values

Exploring personal values

Exploring personal values

To succeed in life, every person must develop some core values that brings out desired character. These values give guidance and also help in relating with people and environment at large. Personal values are essential in decision making by dictating how a person reacts to life situations. Again, these values help in setting right priorities depending on individual’s need.

Personally, major values include honesty, integrity, and diligence. I believe that honesty is an important aspect in my life therefore, am honest with self and others. By being honest, I can be able to open up freely to people thus making it easy for them to understand me.

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Again, I have realized that I have a well organized order of priorities although there is need to create time for socializing. As a human service professional, integrity, honesty, and diligence can impact my work greatly. Honesty helps in developing relationships with the clients.

The clients can be confident in confiding sensitive information that can be of assistance in my service. Integrity can help in ensuring that the cultural and moral values are not compromised in the process of service delivery while diligence enables me to serve more clients with a short time.

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