Exploring diversity in the media

Exploring diversity in the media

Exploring diversity in the media.

Exploring diversity in the media: The media has portrayed many images to the public, in fact it is the leading source of information in the country this present generation. The message that the media sends has a lot of influence on the audience who receive the message.

Media diversity on the other hand is the representation of information fully without any bias to any community or social group no matter their financial, social or political status.

They should develop a sense of willpower to enhance diversity in the media. This means that the minority groups should be fully represente in any form of media coverage. And no discrimination is tolerate

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other people have the desire to be associated with the community and coexist with them without any form of strife. I would recommend the media to undergo reforms where the content being report is control. And the media freedom is substantially minimize

This might be a tough task to achieve but the results are worthwhile. The media houses should also be motivate to encourage diversity in their reporting activities where awards and public analyses are carried out on a regular basis to assess the credibility of respective media firms and the extent to which their information is to be relied upon.

This is a simple and realistic suggestion that can be implement in a short time to allow for responsibility in media coverage.


Cole, D. (1999). No equal justice . race and class in the Americna Criminal Justice System .

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