Experimental results review

Experimental results review

Experimental results review

This paper seeks to examine an article that assert that missionaries have the right to access to experimental Ebola Drugs. Thus, the article reviews two opinions written by experts supporting the decision that offered untested drugs to US missionary health worker in the West Africa. Additionally, in October 2014, WHO declared Ebola as a global threat, where most people felt the declaration was overdue according to the author US workers were at risk to acquire the disease and provide adequate care to the victim. US organizations have been evaluating their commitment in the region because it exposes workers to the risk of contracting the disease.After the experimental monoclonal antibody treatment developed from tobacco, there were questions on why Americans were being transported out of Liberia while others were left, in addition, there are questions why affected Americans were given a drug that has never been tested on humans.

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It’s more important to develop a vaccine for Ebola rather than use experimental trials that are unethical and may not work in humans.

Glatter, R. (2014). Experts Believe Missionaries Deserved Access To Experimental Ebola Drugs – Forbes. Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/robertglatter/2014/08/18/the-complicated-fight-against-ebola/4/

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