Expansion of the Bradford Community Center program

The rampant and destructive community problems in the Bradford area created a situation that made it necessary for the creation of the Bradford Community Center. The community center at the time concerned itself with the issuance of food and other emergency assistance to those that needed it. This engagement in the area has worked well for the Bradford Community Center (BCC) and many members of the community have benefited from this program. However it is clear that the Bradford community needs more than emergency aid as there are other ingrained problems that need urgent resolution to help improve the quality of life for every member of the public. The BCC continues with its original mandate of providing emergency assistance to individuals and groups that need help most but at the same time there is a need to broaden the scope of the BCC’s mandate.

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The instructors will instruct 50 people in the exercise program and during this time the participants will receive information on nutrition, exercise and stress reduction. At the beginning and at the end of two months, the participants will take a test to determine their levels of stress. The test will be administered by medical professionals and will be designed by the Bradford Department of Health and Hospitals. After the test is designed, it will be administered by impartial administrators from the health department and the results will also be analyzed by the same team.

O’Connor, A., & Wellenius, G. (2012). Rural–urban disparities in the prevalence of diabetes and coronary heart disease. Public health, 126(10), 813-820.

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