Executive summary

Executive summary

Executive summary.

Electronic Aspirin is a mini device designed for people who suffer from cluster headaches, migraines, among other causes of chronic, agonizing head or facial pain. (Doweiko, 2012). Doctors and other professionals have long related the most severe, chronic types of headache with a facial nerve bundle, the sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG), but they are yet to find a treatment that works on the SPG enduring.

Electronic aspirin is merely a tool for jamming SPG signals at the first sign of a headache. The structure entails the stable insertion of a small nerve stimulating tool on the side of the head in the upper gum usually suffering from headache.

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The implant’s lid tip connects with the SPG package, once the patient senses the beginning of a headache; he put a remote controller which is handheld on the cheek near the implant.Electric Aspirin will generate revenue in many ways such as licensing of the technology to clinical laboratories. Sell of the electric aspirin to those suffering from severe headache.

Providing home brew medical services. Ensure that there is enough fund generation through holding fundraising and taking loans with the aim to ensure there is great improvement in the electric aspirin industries.The mission is to ensure availability of quality electric aspirin devices so as to improve the health of the public and therefore leads to reduced mortality rate.


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