Examining the Case of Federal Express

Examining the Case of Federal Express

Examining the Case of Federal Express

Examining the Case of Federal Express: Federal express is a cargo carrier incorporated in 1971 and began its full operations in 1973. Before federal express, the main cargo carriers were major passenger airlines, in which some planes carried pure cargo and others carried cargo alongside the passengers.. It was founded by Fred Smith who was convinced that cargo was much different from passengers and thus, should be treated differently.

Most passengers preferred travelling at the convenience of day time while many cargo shippers preferred night time service so that the goods would reach the next day during the day. This made it difficult for airlines to provide these services adequately. In response to this, Smith developed a cargo carrier that could carry small packages for deliverance during the next day.

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Promotions and bonuses can also play a great role in maintaining and attracting customers. Marketing communications may take place in various ways such as advertisements, brochures, and billboards. They should be appealing so as to attract a large numbers of customers globally.

Federal express is a reckoned cargo carrier airline since its establishment in 1973. It grew steadily in its first years of establishment before competition set up and intensified. It was the pioneer of cargo airlines that set pace for others. Its growth led to introduction of more carrier vehicles and aircrafts that made it possible to enter the global market place.

Amidst the great competition, the company has managed to stay among the top cargo airlines. Its innovative capabilities have also helped the company to stay ahead of some of the major competitors. Currently, it remains as one of the most competitive carriers in the world.


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