Examine Chain of Reasoning

Following the establishment of the New York’s smoke-free regulations, there was increased concern that it would have effects on the hospitality and the tobacco industries. A majority of the stakeholders in the industries raised concerns that the regulation that was meant to stop smoking in public places would have a direct consequence on their sales, and subsequently lead to loss of jobs. There was intensified fear that the negative consequences resulting from its implementation would outweigh the positive implications.

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In conclusion, there is a need to conduct a survey of the key players in the hospitality industry so as to ascertain the source of their suspicion of the regulation. Moreover, there is need to establish the reasons why such stakeholders feel that the law is not good for business despite the available evidence that points to the losses that both the employees and the business stand to avoid if they implement the regulations efficiently.

Hyland, A., Vanaja P., Cummings M., and Sciandra R. (2015). New York’s smoke-free
regulations: Effects on employment and sales in the hospitality industry. Report Information from ProQuest.

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