Evolutionary Theory and Crime

Evolutionary Theory and Crime

Evolutionary Theory and Crime

Evolutionary Theory and Crime:When people in the society hear witness or hear the word sex offender, they typically respond in fear. The act carried of by some sex offenders are difficult for public understanding and present the society with a sophisticated challenge. The society always finds it easy to turn a blind eye to the crime by isolating perpetrators from the society through imprisonment without the attempt of understanding the cause and the ways of addressing the problem (Felson & Cundiff, 2014, p. 276). There is a lack of public understanding on sex offenders. This paper seek to explore the sex offender and use evolutionary theory to explain why such incidence occurs in the society. In addition, this paper will discuss some characters of sex offenders based on evolutionary theory.

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Males are increasingly becoming sexually aggressive and more dominant over women. Most cases of sex offenses are committed by male, and the theory of evolution seems to explain why male are more involved in sex crimes.

Daly, M., & Wilson, M. (1997). Crime and conflict: Homicide in evolutionary psychological perspective. Crime and Justice, 51-100.

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