Evolution to the Emergence of Homo Sapiens

Evolution to the Emergence of Homo Sapiens

Evolution to the Emergence of Homo Sapiens

The evolution of homo sapiens occurred at a time when there were challenging environmental conditions. At this time, the environmental conditions were very unstable. Life at this point was very hard, and the primates had to adapt to the environmental conditions. The environmental conditions were coupled with wide climate fluctuations. There was drying and cooling (Scientific American, 2013).

The climate was coupled with very low temperatures. At other times, there were high temperatures during the day. It is documented that during the time of evolution, there was a great change in environmental conditions. Many animals died during this time because they could not be able to survive with the new environmental situations.

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The concept of natural selection was very prevalent at this time. The animals had to adapt to the existing environmental conditions. Animals that did not have the desired qualities for survival died due to the harsh environmental conditions (O’Neil, 2004).

Many animals died at this time, and only animals that had the favorable characteristics survived. The animals that survived passed the desired characteristics to their siblings and a generation with favorable characteristics emerged.

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