Evolution Males and Violence

Evolution Males and Violence

Evolution Males and Violence.

Evolution Males and Violence: Male violence is an irrefutable truth of life. Its consequences are felt by children, weaker males, females and the earth. In the human world, male violence against females is the most rampant. The violence may range from physical to sexual harassment (Barash, 1997).

My goal in this essay is to summarize the argument on males, and violence put forward by David Barash in his article “Evolution, Males, and Violence”. Then using the general theory of crime formulated by Gottfredson and Hirschi I will provide a complementary argument.

According to David Barash, the male violence is exceedingly too much, such that it is hardly notice. Most establishments involved in killing e.g. hunters, soldiers, executioners, and slaughterhouse personnel, are male

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Biology therefore does clarify much, and if interventions were effective we would be well guided to know how our own weaknesses are in nature ( Barash & Lipton, 1997).

According to the general theory of crime by Gottfredson and Hirschi, criminal behaviors are cause by lack of self-control. They argue that lack of self-control doesn’t need crime to exit. They also state that social circumstances can modify self-control.

Behavior modifications may occur if a person is exposed to new life experiences (cited in Gottfredson & Hirschi, 1990). Putting their theory into practice, male violence is avoidable through self-control. However, if a person is introduce to new life experience, the stand is prone to change.


Barash, D. P., & Lipton, J. E. (1997). Making sense of sex: How genes and gender influence our relationships. Washington, D.C: Island Press [for] Shearwater Books.

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