Event Issue Analysis

Event Issue Analysis

Event Issue Analysis

Event Issue Analysis: The event happened in Poland in a match between Legia Warsaw and Jagiellonia Bialystok. The two set of fans broke the wall that separated the away and home fans and attacked the away supported. During half time, the Legia fans had stolen a massive banner from the Jagiellonia fans. When they displayed it, a tension broke resulting in a fierce fight between the two set of fans.

The fight continued until the Jagiellonia fans were pushed back, and they retreated. The police and other security agents entered the stadium and stopped the two pair of fans from fighting. The match was then abandoned after only 45 minutes of play. The situation was described as pre-planned by Legia hooligan fans and security breach was partly to blame (Rightbankwarsaw, 2014).

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The management also suspended all the games that were scheduled to be played in the stadium until further notice. The authority that is responsible for the soccer welfare responded by deducting points from the home side and called for the prosecution of the responsible fans. New security measures were also instituted to ensure that no offensive banners found their way into stadiums (Rightbankwarsaw, 2014).

Rightbankwarsaw. (2014, March 2). A dark night for Polish football: Legia Warsaw vs Jagiellonia Białystok 2 March 2014. Retrieved from Rightbankwarsaw: http://rightbankwarsaw.com/2014/03/02/a-dark-night-for-polish-football-legia-warsaw-vs-jagiellonia-bialystok-2-march-2014/

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