Evaluating Ideas

Evaluating Ideas

Evaluating Ideas

Evaluating Ideas:Basically, in this dissertation paper, a critical research has been conducted to explain an educational issue of poor student performance in the school setting. Normally, student performance is the sole responsibility of teachers, parents and the society at large. It is actually the main objective and long term goal for many schools across the world. However, when the student performance is notably low then concerns arise based on many aspects such as poor governance, which may be as a result of profession incompetence.

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Most students happen to produce poor result because of poverty issues at hand. Some of these limits then to the fundamental units of life such as food, clothing and poor housing and sanitary conditions. Based on these aspects and the above discussed factors then student performance is threatened (Fleming 2012). However, if the state and federal government will critically look into the issue and come up with long term solutions then the student academic performance will be propelled to higher degree of excellence.

Fleming, J. (2012). Enhancing minority student retention and academic performance. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
Rueda, R. (2011). The 3 dimensions of improving student performance: Finding the right solutions to the right problems. New York: Teachers College Press.

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