European Colonialism

European Colonialism

European Colonialism

European colonialism is often portrayed as a force that was motivated by greed that resulted in the exploitation of the African people for their own financial gains. We see that all decisions were implement to benefit the Europeans thus ignoring the Africans. On the other hand, there are urgings that the positive effects of the European colonialism surpassed the negative effects. In other words, colonialism was beneficial to both the Africans and the Europeans.

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Usually, the aid from the European countries is attach to some strict conditions that African countries are expect too meet. Again, the borrowed capitals are usually accompanied by high-interest rates and this results in the exploitation of Africans even more. The funds should be for the African nations as an assistance but not as a business endeavor.

Gilbert, Erick. “Africa in World History” : From Prehistory to the Present. (3rd Ed.) (2012). 1-415.

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