Ethics Game Dilemma

Ethics Game Dilemma

Ethics Game Dilemma.

Ethics Game Dilemma: The ethical concerns presented in the simulation are whether to caution clients and what material to deliver about the toxin in the distributed and sold products.

There was likewise a problem concerning how to handle the current Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards that distress and upset the sale of goods in the United States in addition to various foreign countries.

In coming up with a decision on how to ethically solve the problem, I initially garnered all the facts, and also assessed the relevant areas proficiency as well as missing, skills, knowledge, experience, or know-how in regard to the applicable and relevant facets of the situation.

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high on the shareholders and the same for the company. However, the impact is of medium level of the consumers of these products. The impact would also have a medium level to the quality control manager. Operations director, and public relations director for the products.

The stakeholders are the ones to be affecte most. While at the same time the product sold can be standardize and avoid many issues. And these stimulation concepts can also relate to the place of work.

While  coming up with decision concerning ethical perspective in a place of work, there are numerous options which can lead one towards making the best decision in order to make the stakeholders contented because ethically, if something is going wrong within or outside the business or a company, the management should be given an opportunity to take the best decision in avoiding any moral situations.

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