Ethics Case Study

Ethics Case Study

Ethics Case Study

Ethics Case Study: There are two things about ethics that need to be understood. First, ethics denotes properly-founded standards of wrong and right that tells what persons should do, when it comes to the rights, benefits to society, obligations, fairness, or particular virtues. Ethical standards comprise those, which are virtue of compassion, loyalty, and honesty. Ethics are sufficient standards because they are backed by founded and consistent reasons. Second, ethics represent the development and study of a person’s ethical standards. Laws, social norms, and feelings can move away from whatever is ethical.

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Jerry has only schooled as an LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) and medical assistant, and therefore he is not eligible to give prescriptions. In case Jerry had received a direct order from Dr. William to dispense the refill, it could have been acceptable for him to do so. Another scenario that would warrant Jerry to issue the refill is if there existed a standing order issue a refill on the chart of a patient. Consistent with the law, it isn’t fitting for medication aides to issue new prescriptions or any form of medical prescriptions, which might trigger changes in them.

Pattinson, S. D. (2011). Medical law and ethics. London: Sweet & Maxwell/Thomson Reuters.

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