Ethics is a section of philosophy that entails defend, systemize, and recommend concepts of right and wrong conduct. Ethics is usually used to address moral diversity within an organization (Alahmad, 2010, p68). In the recent past, non-profit organizations has experienced a rise in the number of unethical practices. These cases need to be addressed to prevent people from suffering from fraud and financial abuse.

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Education to employees working in these organizations can be an operative way of addressing the issue. These employees (from the executives to the casual workers) should be made to appreciate the importance of honesty and accountability at their place of work (Menzel, 2009, p.33). They should also be taught on how to put the interest of the organization first then their personal ones. This way there will be equal treatment of all employees, and there will be accountability.

Alahmad, A. (2010). To be ethical or not to be: An international code of ethics for leadership.
Journal of Diversity Management, 5(1), 31–35. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

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