Rosy Young is the only child on the boat. She lost her parents in a fire, and she is also blind. Rosy has no other family apart from her grandmother. Captain Mallory believes that killing Rosy Young might save the people, but it might have adverse effects on the people. Killing a child might result in regret and emotional pain.

Mallory believes that the happiness resulting from her actions should outweigh the pain resulting from her actions. Children are rather innocent beings, and it would be inhumane to kill Rosy. According to Mallory, the pain inflicted by murdering Rosy, a five-year-old child, will outweigh the happiness they will enjoy after they survive. People will live with themselves knowing that they allowed a child to be killed to ensure their survival.

Jonathan has spent half his life in prison due to a murder he committed when he was 16 years old. Though he was guilty of the murder, Jonathan is now a reformed man. He is released early from prison for good behavior. Jonathan was on his way to join Peace Corps and dedicate his life to helping the disadvantaged in the society. Mallory believes that sparing Jonathan will be for the greater good of everyone including the society.

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As a virtue ethicist, Mallory’s decision will be influenced by old habits. In her situation, Captain Mallory’s decision will be influence by her character and habits. As a Kantian, she will act and make her decision based on her duty. This paper will entail Captain Mallory’s argument and reasoning in choosing the person that should die to ensure the survival of the other people using the three perspectives.

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