Ethics can be defined simply as the branch of philosophy that deals with defending, systemizing and the recommendation of concepts of wrong and right. Ethics mostly addresses matters to do with moral diversity. Ethic investigates the best ways for human beings to live and what behavior is to be considered wrong or right under various circumstances.

The concept has within it several types of ethics. This paper will highlight just three, citing what each entails as well as the similarities and differences between them.

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In the above example, deontological theory dictates that virtue exists in the lie as the decision to lie by telling a child that Santa is real in this case has positive implications on a person’s character. Values, virtue and moral values are similar in that they act as a compass to what is wrong or right. Based on the intentions behind the lie, as well as the overall effect of it, it can be concluded that it was right

Based on the essay, ethics is a complex concept with a simple conclusion, right or wrong. However, different people have different beliefs on how to arrive on whether an act is right or wrong; hence the historical ethical theories. The example above illustrates the connection between concepts of morality, virtue and values.

Singer, P. (1994). Ethics. Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press.

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