Ethical Standards

Ethical Standards

Ethical Standards

Providence Health & Services Is a non-profit organization, its key role is promoting wellness among American in Oregon by providing psychological/mental health services. The organization endeavors are geared towards supporting the overall wellness of its clients, it promotes mental health by providing prevention services, diagnosing and availing appropriate interventions for individuals at risk, and providing treatment for those with mental health problems (Providence Health & Services, 2015).

The organization uses a group of well trained and experienced psychologists to provide psychological services. This paper discusses the ethical standards that the organization has to abide to as a provider of psychological services.

Psychologists work to create a usable and reliable body scientific information based on studies. Professionals in this area must apply knowledge or information to human behavior in a number of contexts (Leach, 2012). In doing so, psychologists perform different roles, like being a therapist, researcher, educator, administrator, expert witness, diagnostician, consultant and social interventionist. Psychologists aim is to widen knowledge of behavior and to apply it practically to enhance the condition of individuals and the society as a whole.

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Conflicts arise when these ethical standards are different from the moral principles of the psychologist or his organization’s policies. For instance, the ethical principle of confidentiality bars a psychologist from disclosing his communications with his client (Morrissey & Reddy, 2006).

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