Ethical problems of in vitro fertilization

Reproduction remains one of the deep-seated desires for most women in the current society. Without reproduction, then God’s creation would also seize to exist at some point (Rev. Fr. Kwaku Opoku and Rev. Fr. Dr. Addai-Mensah, 50). Reproduction is also a God given gift and hence, the consecration of marriage which is the institution that allows couples to engage in reproduction. However, today, there are several couples that are not able to conceive and bear their children.

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Moreover, the procedure that is intended to bring joy and solve marital problems caused by infertility may end up being a cause of emotional, psychological and social torture since it is yet to be accepted and also its success rate is still small.The IVF procedure is, therefore, a compromise to the sanctity and the high regard for life that should not be allowed in our community.

Banerjee. An insight into the ethical issues related to in vitro fertilization. The Internet Journal of
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