Ethical Leadership

Ethical Leadership

Ethical Leadership.

Ethical Leadership: Since there is no an outward or clear meaning of the word ‘ethical’, its therefore hard to directly define what ethical leadership means. Ethics literally means what is right, posing a greater challenge of defining what the word ‘right’ means.

Technically, to be right can merely be defined as being ‘fair’. Being right, therefore, can be further explained as being fair to a particular individual affected by a particular situation, since what is right to a certain person isn’t be necessary right to another person.

Ethical leadership is therefore leading by knowing what is right & doing that right thing (Seidman 2010). Traditionally, the major goal of leadership had been perceived as to increase the output as well as increasing profit margins.

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no likely hope of getting them, it is a foremost responsibility of the manager to maximally utilize the available resources effectively to accomplish the setout goals and make the vision of the organization a reality.

Effective delegation is a challenge that ought not to be shunne away but faced with courage and ethical leadership, since avoiding it is much more problematic.

Factual and ethically embracing delegation, with a positive attitude and considering it as it should be, the core component of management, will eventually turn an individual into the successful manager any person dreams to be & any organization could be in pursuit of.


Brown, M.E., Trevino, L.K., & Harrison, D.A. (2005). Ethical leadership: A social learning perspective for construct development and testing. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 97, 117-134.

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