Ethical Issues in Healthcare

Ethical Issues in Healthcare

Ethical Issues in Healthcare

As the complexity of patient’s increase, nurses are embarking on a more inclusive task in health care leadership and patient outcomes. However, ethical issues arise concerning the need to balance efficiency and care quality, improving access to care and addressing end-of-life issues.

This paper will address the ethical issues above in addition to how to respond to the issues through ethical decision making process.

Balancing care quality and efficiency

A main promise of of every health care facility is innovation to improve health care the quality and outcomes. However, many barriers such as low quality and inefficient healthcare inhibit access to medical care. Furthermore, the essential public health services often go ignored or underfunded by the government. Access to quality and efficient medical care is reduced by numerous institutional, structural and financial barriers. This is because financial barriers consist of the low income communities and the lack of health insurance coverage for them. Structurally, health care providers and patients fail to communicate their concerns adequately because of the lack of the delivery system organization that hardly reflects the social concerns of the communities where they are located. These communication issues are worsened by the extreme shortage of available resources and health care professionals.

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In conclusion, this paper has looked at the ethical issue of balancing care quality and efficiency like barriers including institutional, structural and financial barriers. These barriers to medical care can be reduced by modifying both institutional and governmental policies, enhancing satisfaction and service with care, increasing and expanding the supply of competent health care providers, and restructuring delivery system motivation incentives to ensure delivery of efficient and quality primary care.

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