Ethical Issues in Gathering Data in Business

Ethical Issues in Gathering Data in Business

Ethical Issues in Gathering Data in Business

Every advancement in technology comes with its fare share of ethical issues. This is not only the case in information and technology, but also in all sectors of the economy. For example, in the issue of fire arms, people feel safe when they own fire arms yet at the same time these firearms cause deaths of many people as a result of issues such as domestic violence, psychological meltdowns among others. This paper evaluates the various ethical issues that present themselves when it comes to competitive intelligence practices by business establishments.

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One ethical issue that an information gathering system creates is the invasion of privacy of both customers and business establishments (Effy & Sousa 2014). This is so since contact info is something that most consumers hold personal. Another ethical issue is the fact such a system might lead to fraud and identity theft. This takes place since hackers target such systems to get contact information of customers where they go ahead to cause fraud specifically credit card fraud and identity theft. Another ethical issue that arises is the encouragement of workers to engage in espionage in their establishments of employments (Trevino 1997). This is so since they will want to sell company secrets in order to gain more money.

Trevino L (1997). Ethical Issues in Competitive Intelligence Practice: Consensus, Conflicts,
and Challenges. Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania University Press.

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