Ethical framework

Ethical framework

Ethical framework

Ethical framework: The Christian approach to ethical decision is derived from Christian theology. It derives its main thrust from the concept of right and wrong according to a Christian perspective. The main sources of the Christian perspectives rely on Christian teachings and the Bible, broad experiences of events, the philosophies and other sources of information including the sciences.

Examples from the life of Jesus and some Jewish ethics also form a basis for the Christian ethics that are used in this framework (Niebuhr, 2013). The Christian ethics are sourced from many sources but they are all subordinate to the biblical teachings and the bible is therefore the primary source of these ethics. They also draw from secular ethics like deontology, utilitarianism, consequential-ism among others though all the borrowed parts need to conform to the biblical narrative to be acceptable.

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In cases of conflict between a client and the employer, the professional is bound to solve the conflict by working with both the employer and the client to get the solution to the conflict and ensure the client gets the service they need and the employer also gets their due (Lehman, 1979). Christian values advocate for fairness and as such all parties must get what they were promised at the commencement of the relationship.

The steps to take in ethical decision making would therefore be; to identify the issue at hand first, then understand all facets relating to the issue. After that the available options in terms of ethical frameworks that could be used are considered. The best approach is decided upon and applied and finally the outcome is examined to determine if the approach was effective or not.

Lehmann, P. L. (1979). Ethics in a Christian context.

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