Essay Questions

Essay Questions

Essay Questions.

Essay Questions: In the two stories, there are several cultural clashes between mothers and daughters. The mothers are Chinese traditional followers, and their children are modern and do not understand their mothers.

Lena claims that her mother sees only the bad things, while Waverly considers her mother to be a mean Chinese woman. However, at the end of both stories, the daughters understand their mothers and their traditional ways.

Lena’s mother foresees terrible things about her daughter. Right from an early age, she claimed that Lena was going to marry a bad and a very mean man.

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What Lena hates most about the way she lives with her husband is paying all bills equally. Although Lena earns much less money that her husband, they say share the bills equally.

This is wrong because they do not live like a husband and wife. It seems like their marriage is based on sharing bills rather provision of companionship. Obliviously, parents would not be happy to learn that one’s marriage operates in the same way.

Rich is a young vibrant man who likes to take life easily. He is hard to offend. He does not fake his personality even in front of his fiancées’ mother.

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