Ernst von Glasersfeld

Ernst Von Glasersfeld was born in 1917 in Munich-Germany. He was the son of a diplomat in the Habsburg Monarchy. Ernst spent both his youth and childhood in Italy; he went to a boarding school in Switzerland where he started studying and practicing mathematics in Vienna and Zurich. At one time, he was offered a job in Australia as a ski instructor where he won the first downhill champ in Australia. During the World War II, Ernst spent time with his wife Isabel in Ireland. Markedly, it is during this time that he discovered the works of Giambattista Vico, and George Berkeley.

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Glasersfeld made a mark in science education. He developed amazing concepts such as the root paradox that tells us that the world is independent of our consciousness. In essence, this means that us human beings, people have to triangulate a claim that is fully independent of their experience. It is amazing that even decades after this paradox was officiated, it is still unresolved. Ultimately, Ernst’s words will continue shaping science education for years to come.

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